About David

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I'm a photographer located in the Washington, DC area that gets energy through creativity. My work is my excitement, energy and passion.

I'm focused on finding and showcasing the beauty that surrounds us in ways that typically elude us. I'm currently interested in shooting fashion/glam/fitness/vintage/edgy but certainly open to all ideas and styles! I have the ability to work and adapt to varying conditions—both studio and on location—embrace the energy, passion and creativity of others and present it in a unique way. I'm all about involving the viewers in the creation process... meaning I leave room in the photos for them to think and add their own feelings and ideas to the piece.

I'm laid-back and fully believe if I can help your career then you've helped mine. Alongside photography I love the outdoors, deep sea diving, and am always up for the next adventure.

David Neal Photography is an experience—a partnership between the viewer and the creator.

Please email at dheckman@cox.net or call me at 703-989-7912 and lets see what we can collab on..

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